Wild berries used twice as much as in the ordinary liqueurs

Made of hand picked wild berries from the forests of North Finland

Pure wild berry liqueurs are totally free of any additives

Liqueur Master’s Wild & Pure® is a Premium Quality liqueur product made of hand picked and carefylly selected finest organic wild berries. These extremely aromatic berries come from Northern Finland. Liqueur Master Mr. Jorma Virtanen has brewed these liqueurs with a special care and focusing here all in 45 years experience in spirit making. He has made many awarded spirits, liqueurs and sparkling wines in Finland. Master’s Wild & Pure liqueurs are totally free od any additives and their berry raw material amount is twice as much as in the ordinary liqueurs. That is why you can taste its deep and real aromatic flavors. That makes the difference this Premium Product. As a guarantee of this our liqueurs were awarded with Silver and Bronze medals IN NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS COMPETITION 2015. In addition Kulinaario was awarded as FINLAND DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR 2015.